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SPIN announced they have been purchased by Ford Motor Company. They'll continue to operate as a standalone business within Ford's Smart Mobility division. Ford plan's to quickly expand into hundreds of US markets within the next several years.
Moving Forward With Ford

Today, we are excited to echo the news that Spin has been acquired by Ford. We will continue to operate as a standalone business within Ford Smart Mobility, poised to expand aggressively. Adding to that we are immediately scaling up Spin’s team of engineers, designers, urban planners, policy makers, lawyers, and operators to create a affordable, convenient and sustainable form of last mile transportation.

Our acquisition and backing by Ford is just one step. Over the next few years, we plan to scale quickly across hundreds of U.S. markets, including large metropolises, mid-sized cities and college campuses. Our teams will take a hyper-local approach to complementing existing transit infrastructure, ensuring we are serving the communities and neighborhoods who need micro-mobility the most. In the cities where we operate, we plan to help with enforcement around safety and parking, as well as provide rich data to inform urban planning and bolster sustainability initiatives. And we’ll continue to hire locally, while partnering with the highest quality operations teams to ensure our scooters are well-maintained and integrating well among small businesses, city institutions, and transit infrastructure.

Vehicle emissions are the single human largest contribution to global warming. As the UN’s recent report showed, now is the time to act. We are committed to doing our part to help stem the tide by offering sustainable transportation focused on being part of the long-term solution.

The same passion that inspired us to celebrate a new protected bike lane the night we announced our first funding round still drives us forward as we move forward with Ford today. We care deeply about improving city and campus transportation and are excited to be building the micro-mobility infrastructure of the future.

— Euwyn, Derrick, Zaizhuang

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