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By SKIPzophrenic
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Sometimes the charging cables aren't long enough. Or they don't have anywhere to sit, and the pansies at Lime shot down my wireless scooter charging mat suggestion. (some nonsense about radiation and sterility, blah blah blah). Anywho, use the handlebars to make a platform for charging adapters. Use the brake cable to rest the ends of plugs when you're switching out scooters, on those nights when you're charging multiple scooters per plug cuz you're such a boss and you gonna get that dinero. Use my brain candies to make your life easier. That is all.
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I do the same with my charging cables. Its much more easy to quickly finds the cords to swap them out. Super frustrating when waking up in the middle of the night to swap chargeing cables and can't find them from tripping all over scooters. This has kept me from getting pissed off in the middle of the night and helps falling back asleep easier.

@SKIPzophrenic I thought you had 1000s of chargers? :D How many scooters did you get to need to swap charger in the middle of the night.
Those are all old pics. I have 45 bird/lime charges but only 32 outlets in the garage. I have a dozen brand new chargers still unboxed. I thrive in redundancy, it's a cornerstone of my operating philosophies.
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