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@surveyorandrew yeah I can't tell you how many times I've grabbed 9 skips all in one spot. And for a while they were $14 each. Finding 3 scooters is still good regardless. I did lime last night, grabbed 7 in like 15 mins at 9pm it's a rat race.
@surveyorandrew crossing paths with other chargers is always fun for me. I've started to hold off on scanning every scooter, if I find a cluster I'll keep one unscanned until the rest are loaded, so if another charger shows up I'll offer them one scooter so they don't have to leave empty handed. The one time I did this, they declined my offer of a $10 scooter. I also take the time to introduce myself, look at their setup, try to help them increase their capacity real quick, assess their overall collection goals for that time, determine what app(s) they're collecting for, and basically divide the map so we know we won't bump into each other again for a while at least. It's been great.
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