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Hi guys!

My roomie and I (2 girls in our thirties.. baha) starting doing the Bird thing about a week ago. We're slowly learning some ins and outs and I've combed through You Tube & this page for as much info as possible.

Our main issue is: picking up birds after they release at 9pm. The other night we decided to just give er hell and threw 14 uncaptured ones in our vehicle around 8:45-9:00. We got them home and got about 7 scanned, and the rest said they were illegally captured.

1-I'm ok with being penalized. I understand this is not the correct way to do it. But- why did some scan and some not?

2-I'm committed to being successful at this and honest at the same time, so I need help! Tonight we drove around starting at 8:20 (we're in LA) and noted all the spots where they were sitting. We had a lot of time to kill until we could capture so we parked by a group of 4 on a corner. We waited until 9:03 and were able to capture these 4- but by the time we headed down the street (about 9:08), ALL of the ones we had previously saw were gone.

So- if you want to be legal here but also successful- HOW do you suggest getting a bunch of birds if you can't move them or scan them until 9?? PEOPLE BE GRABBING THESE MAN.

Haha. I'm open to all your suggestions!

Thank you! #awolinla
The penalty for moving uncaptured scooters is Bird suspending your account. It's strongly advised not to do this.

When a scooter is moved to much without being captured Bird will keep it from being captured. This is what happened to the ones that were marked as illegally captured. The 7 that you were able to scan likely have something wrong with the scooter and didn't report to Bird that they were excessively moved.
If you're going to join the 9pm rush for scooters you have to be quick. You started off right by posting up by a group of scooters that can be captured right at 9pm. From there head to less popular areas to pick up scooters. Around 10pm is when the rush starts to slow down and you'll have better luck grabbing scooters.
Also, watch the charger app for birds that are available for capture earlier. I normally have my full haul of legally caught birds by 9. If it is on the charger map it is available for capture. Have fun and stay safe. Always have a form of self protection with you, people get crazy over these things.

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