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By Brix
We recently had lime doing a trial here but they have been given the flick and two new companies ( beam and ride) have been brought in.

They are different scooters. One looks like a M365 but the control box on top is huge. The other I’m thinking is a ninebot variant.
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Thanks guys
By Brix
Pjaybruh1017 wrote:
Sun Apr 21, 2019 7:10 pm
What are the boxes at the bottom in the front??
I believe it’s the same type of gps/cellular device that bird use but on the front rather than part of the dashboard. Will let you know in a few days when some go up for sale.
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By enoshclothing
Yeah that's their circuit board/gps housing, like birds on top or limes big green one on the front as well.
And 2nd the ride scooter, it's just a modified es2, almost identical to spins version
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