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By Freebird
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Yep. Bird unloaded a ton of Bird One's in ATL yesterday (im in Atlanta too). They weigh as much as the Tanks but get 30 mi range. I haven't found the specs on the motor yet.
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By Edmund
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@Freebird With the weight of Bird's new scooter (38.6 lbs) the motor must be more powerful than the zero. It goes up to 18 mph and they claim it has a faster take off.

On a side note - The number of scooters on the Beltline is out of control!
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By Freebird
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@Edmund Re: beltline scooters

173 scooters available to ride in less than one block area - on a wash-out 100% rainy saturday To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

Bolt, lime, bird, lyft included - Jump, wheels, etc not included.
To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.
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By Mark Harrison
Wow that's wild.. I think they must have moved them all to Nashville.. almost 90% bird zeros here. Absolutely no m365s anymore.

Do you still have lots of m365s down there?

They probably rotate them city to city.
By Mark Harrison
Thinking about starting a thread (if there isn't one already) that is just about different scooter sightings.. so we can all have a better understanding of what each town has and keep up with the trends.

I can at least keep everyone updated on what Nashville has To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.
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