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By JJKnott21
I have a Xiaomi m365 running at ~1200 watts with the stock motor, I also have a Segway ES2 motor, is the ES2 motor better and should I swap them? Can I hook them both up in parallel?
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By Ben J
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1200W LoL !
Would like to see what numbers magic used to determine that?

Yes, you can connect motors in parallel. But dont let them get out of ’sync, what you pretty much cant prevent when they are not mechanically linked.
But if you electro genius enough and managed to get a stock M365 motor to run 1200W Sorry, pedantic. You already know about parallel motors.
By clayton
If your running a stock 365 motor at 1200 watts, all your doing is cooking the electronics and wasting electricity. Back EMF limits performance at around 800 watts. If you use M365 tools and use data logging, you will see that it isn't putting 1200 watts into the motor.

You can put more power into a Ninebot motor, since they are factory rated at 800 watts peak, and can go higher. I don't use them because I don't like the hard ride of solid tires, but I do have a "comfort" model ES4 with high density foam between the deck and rubber tread, and foam grips. It helps a lot with the rough ride, along with wearing a good pair of running shoes, or something with good shock absorption. Nothing more miserable than riding a stock Ninebot with cowboy boots.

Haven't gotten around to testing a Zero motor to see how much power it can handle, but assume it's similar to the 365, based on egghead stuff like size, density, back EMF, and law of energy conservation. Its more efficient with the power it uses, but don't know that you could boost it over 1000 watts with good results. Science can take the fun out of anything......

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