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By Jay Pee 1234
Hi guys,

I have had my ES for about 3 months (500 kms). and everything was going well with no signs of any issues when, one day last week, I switched it on to go home and the motor made a noise it had never made and the scooter refused to go faster than 8 km/h. I kept insisting and after a while, it went back to normal and worked fine. I switched it off while on the train and when I switched it on again, it did the same thing (gave me trouble but worked eventually). Now, it refuses to go back to normal. It works but makes a lot of noise and never goes past 8 km/h. In addition, an error code 18 flashes when I switch it on.

Any idea what the issue is? I'm reading that I probably need to replace to control board but I'm not prepared to do that if it means spending a lot of money. I'm tempted to sell it on eBay and take whatever money I can get to get a Xiaomi M365 (which is apparently much easier to maintain) instead. Am I reacting too rashly because there is an easy reasonably priced fix or is it best to cut my losses now?

Any help would really be appreciated.

Thanks JP

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