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By Harry Bollsack
I am attempting to build a dual motor segway es1. This is what I've....Well basically I've got 2 of the scooters but only one of them has a dash. My qestion is which wires do i splice into to get the second set up(the other battery, esc, motor) working? Thanx in advance
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By Ben J
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Firstly, before asking a clueless ”which wires do I ?”
I suggest study up on how threephase BLDC motors work and the electronics required to run them.

Fwiw, As a learning experiment, and assuming scooter getting a second motor actually works already and the two motors are identical.
If you simply parallel the ”secondary motor” (but not its hall sensors) to the first motor, both should at least run without load upon them.
But Its very unlikely the VFD, (mosfets or IGBTs,) Perhaps mainfuse itself will have ampacity to carry a passenger load whilst riding.
To be able to drive it, Thats where value of understanding BLDC motors comes into play...

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