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There is a ton of content being published about the scooter revolution and how to maximize your time charging.

I've spent the last few hours going through TheRideShareGuy.com postings and learned a bunch. Was going to pick my favorite articles and wound up posting links to all their content. :lol: :lol: :lol:

What articles and video to you all recommend?


Bird Charger – What It’s Like & How To Maximize Your Earnings

What’s it Like to Be a Bird Charger & How To Become One

Bird Mechanic Review: What It’s Like to Fix Bird Scooters

Being a Bird Charger – Gear You Need To Be A Successful Charger for Bird & Lime Scooters

Planning Your Night as a Bird Charger (Strategy, Tips & Tricks)

10 Tips to Be a Successful Bird Mechanic


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