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By SKIPzophrenic
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Hey y'all!

Last night the lime app froze hardcore in DC, failing to remove harvested vehicles from the juicer app. I realized this shortly after I grabbed my first lime around 11pm, at which point I decided to stop. I could see that all of the limes had not been located since 5 hours prior, obviously something was amiss.

2am rolled around, that's when you can begin harvesting for deployment the following day. The app had fixed itself and due to the confusion there were still a handful of limes that had been sitting all night. Grabbed $63 worth in about 40 mins, had them unloaded by 3am. Harvest Moon!!
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By surveyorandrew
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@SKIPzophrenic Nice dude!

Something similar happened weeks ago. Bird froze up here around when they all hit the map and took hours to come back. When it did the chargers must have been fed up cause tons of scooters were available. Made a killin that night!
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By Orange
When I load scooters they go in through the trunk and not able get that many. Will have to try putting them between the rear and front seat. Looks like more will fit that way.

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