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By FrWix
I was in Springfield Virginia last week on other business. This is about 10 miles outside of Wash DC, too far from any release point for a legit rider to get to.

I pulled up the charger map to see if there were any scooters to capture on my way back to town, I was surprised to see 2 red scooters in the same suburban neighborhood where I was. Out of curiosity I drove to the street and sure enough there were 2 birds sitting in the front yard of a house. I trespassed a little to capture them and headed home.

My first guess was that some one picked up a couple of scooters and brought them home to joy-ride a little. I noticed over the next couple of days that more scooters started appearing on the map in the same place where I got the two red ones. Now I'm pretty convinced that I got a couple of scooters from a hoarder who didn't bother to lock them up. I have not gone back, I don't think they would be happy to see me.
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By guisar
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At first I was thinking it was someone who brought Birds out there to joy ride around. I’ve picked up many of these and usually have good payouts.
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By surveyorandrew
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Sounds like a beginner hoarder. Glad you were able to rescue some of their Birds and hurt the hoarders payday.

Definitely don't go back. They won't be happy to see you.

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