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When I first found this, I told myself that I worked a lot, my full-time job is already tiring, and I was only going to charge a couple of times a week for a little extra money. I started the night after I got my chargers and didn’t have any luck. So I took a couple of days to read and find out exactly how to do this thing, because the day I received my chargers I still had no idea what I was doing. So, I sat down and told myself that I’ll try this thing every night for a week. I saw success stories about people making a pretty penny doing this, and I saw chargers out loading tons of birds in their vehicles. I told myself that I could make that happen too, so I started my week long case study. I started with my first night, the night after I received my chargers, didn’t know what I was doing, and didn’t get anything, but I didn’t count that in my full week...

Night 1: 11/9 0 birds
First night trying the charging gig. I saw a location for a “Red” bird close to my grandmothers old house. I navigated to it’s location at 9pm at night, couldn’t find it. I went out to dinner later that night, and when we left at around 11pm, I saw a bird on the corner. I went to scan it, and it wasn’t available for capture. I quickly came to the conclusion that this was going to be a little difficult.

Night 2: 11/13 1 bird
I decided to try my quest again once I left work in the North Druid Hills area in Atlanta. First two locations I traveled to seemed to be dummy missions. They looked to be located behind gates of gates apartment/condo communities. The third location was my first successful bird, it was actually a red bird worth a little over $17, found it around 5:15pm. I followed it’s located to an apartment complex, went all of the way to the back and it was sitting outside at the bottom of a staircase, and it was surprisingly ready to capture (I thought you could only get birds after 9pm when I first started). I thought I was going to be on a roll after that. I went on about 4 more dummy missions, going out of my route home to try and find some. I decided to head home. Locations seemed to be inside buildings and residences. Couldn’t find them. Went to a concert in downtown Atlanta where I saw a lady stacking tons of them in her trunk. So at midnight, after getting home from the concert, I decided to go out and find birds. Went on more dummy missions, and even scanned some on corners in downtown that I scanned but quickly found out that they were not available for capture. Went home pretty frustrated. I got my first bird though, and $17! I took it to a nest down the street from my house the next morning, drop off seemed very easy. Reported and marked missing quite a few birds on this day.

Night 3: 11/14 5 birds
Tried capturing birds again after work at around 4pm. Dummy mission after dummy mission trying to find birds located on the app close to where I was. I gave up and went home, I figured I would wait until after 9. One my way home about 3 miles from my house, I found a ton of nest locations and told myself that I would come back after 9. Clock strikes 9pm, I’m standing down at the location, I scanned (5) $5 birds and brought them home. I quickly developed this as my strategy for future nights. Spent a lot of time reporting and marking missing birds on this day on my dummy missions.

Night 4: 11/15 8 birds
I followed my strategy from the night before. Take a stroll the area about 3 miles away from my house after 9pm. This time I hit the jackpot, I found (1) bird, then (2) next to each other, found (1) laying around, found (4) in a parking deck, it was the gift that kept on giving. I finally decided to go home, I can only squeeze so many in my truck. All $5 birds. I’ve decided that going after the yellow and red birds would have to take place on a planned manhunt for multiple at a time. They are just very difficult to find. I’d rather spend 30 minutes getting 5+ birds, than (2) hours going on dummy missions to find birds that haven’t been ridden in 3 weeks or more. I’m sticking to my plan. Seems to be a lot of supply and very few capturers in my area. I’ll capitalize on that for the time being. Didn’t get the full earnings the next day. Looks like some of the charge percentages for the ones I picked up weren’t close to 100% even though I charged them. Oh well, I’ll keep charging more than (3) each time and hopefully they will send more chargers.

Night 5: 11/16 6 birds
Friday night, everyone seemed to be out picking up birds. I saw more people out trying to capture these than I’ve seen during the week. I was actually capturing a bird that someone else was trying to get. Pretty easy night. Didn’t find as many as I did the night before, but I searched every nook and cranny to try and get just a few more. Bird is sending me a (3) more chargers since I’ve captured more than (3) per night for consecutive nights. Looking forward to more success.

Night 6: 11/17 12 birds
Saturday night, I went all out. There seemed to be Birds laying everywhere in my usual spot. Met a couple of bird chargers rolling around capturing scooters. It’s encouraging to see people doing it the ethical way rather than grabbing scooters without scanning them. I only have 3 chargers, but with a lot of determination and very little sleep, I managed to make $46 out of a possible $60 with just 3 chargers. Some I didn’t get the chance to charge to 100% due to having to switch the charger on different birds throughout the night, however, I felt like I accomplished a good portion of what I felt would be somewhat impossible. In addition, there was a bonus incentive this weekend from Bird if you charged a certain amount of birds over the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So that was a plus!

Night 7: 11/18 11 birds
I decided to go out this afternoon and try and find some yellow and red birds. I felt that maybe I would have some better like today finding these then other times I’ve tried. I managed to find (1) yellow bird in a gated community not too far from my house. The gate was open and I found it in their common space. I had no luck finding any red birds. Every one location that I traveled to seemed to show that the bird was in someone’s house. I went out after 9 and found 10 more birds. Very successful night. Starting to see more and more people out capturing birds. Another great night for earnings totaling $57.

Night 8: 11/19 10 birds
Another night out, and I admit, this one was one of the hardest nights I had over the last week. Seemed to be a lot of people out, picking up birds, and everywhere I turned some one was picking one up. I saw a gentleman picking them out but not scanning them. I stumbled across a damaged bird, no QR code or the black charger box. I submitted the S/N and pictures to Bird to let them know that I picked this one up. I remembered that even if a bird is damaged, you can still take it home and report it to Bird. I did pick up 9 other birds, during a night where I seemed to struggle finding them. Still a successful night.

Night 9: 11/20 13 birds
Tonight was HUGE! The biggest night I’ve had since I started. It was the night before Eve of Thanksgiving and there seemed to be a ton of scooters on the streets. Great way to kick off the holidays and start a short break before getting back to work again. It’s been a great week. The process has been fun, the support staff for Bird Chargers is phenomenal and extremely helpful, and it’s been a pleasure so far working for the company. Looking forward to more success ahead charging Birds.

Total Earnings in (1) Week: $339.84

Total Birds Charged in 1 Week: 66 Birds

Total Time Spent: 30 mins to 1 hour every night capturing birds. I did chop up my sleeping schedule at night so that I can move the chargers to the next Birds that needed to be charged if I captured more Birds than I had chargers.

Total Earnings / Day ( at 1hour/day): $48.55 per day.

- Get a Power strip for your chargers.
- Have a designated charging place in your house (Mine is my garage). I bring the Birds home, I line them up in my garage, and I plug the chargers in.
- Take picture of your “My Task” list before and after you charge. Great documenting technique for if you have a discrepancy in your payment due to a 0% charge shown in your earnings after a drop off.
- I’m big on taking advantage of possible tax benefits, so when I go out to pick up Birds, and when I go drop them off, I track my mileage with the Stride Tax app. Doesn’t hurt to have this documentation at tax time, just in case you can use it for your tax break.
- Charge more than (3) Birds a night so that Bird can send you more chargers. It’s hard to charge more than 6 birds in a night with only (3) chargers. Been there, tried that! Rule of thumb is that you can successful charge 2x the number of chargers you have. (For example: If you have 6 chargers, you can successfully charge 12 in one night.)
- Document damaged Birds through the app. Click on the Bird in your “My Task” list, click “Mark As Damaged” and if your Bird has any exterior damage that you see, is not holding its charge, etc., please document it there.
- Plan your daily/nightly route. When you find your area where you are the most successful, stay in that area. I found my sweet spot, and I go there every night after 9pm. It has worked for me.
- Pay really close attention to your “My Task” list of the Birds you’ve captured , before you charge them. I personally charge the scooters with the lowest battery life, FIRST! Those take the longest to charge. I strategically charge the lowest battery life Birds first, and the ones with the most battery life once those are charged.
- If you decide to go search for Birds throughout the day before 9pm and they are marked “Red” or “Yellow”, before leaving to search pretend to navigate to them via Maps, pull up its Satelite view, so that you can see a birds eye view of its location. I personally don’t navigate to Birds to look to be at a house, in a gated community, etc.
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By guisar
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Great job sticking with it! To many new chargers get discouraged after their first couple of nights and quite too soon. Their is a skill set that needs to be developed to be succeed at this.

This is a great read for any charger feeling discouraged. Thanks for taking the time to share it with us!
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By Darcness777
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This was my experience too. The first couple times I went out I came up empty and was about to quit. Then I got upset that other people were successful and I didn't have a good reason why I wasn't. I now have a route that I go on nightly and consistently fill up my vehicle in about an hour give or take.
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By SKIPzophrenic
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It's a learning curve but also an earnings curve. I started June 20 I've made thousands and thousands of dollars from scooters. I stopped walking dogs at the moment altogether! Fantastic. Keep it up.

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