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By humanbeing21
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Having a blast riding these Birds around Atlanta. It's so easy to hop on one and get anywhere around midtown quickly. Love flying by the cars stuck in traffic and the sweating biker. Today I met up with friends at RiRa to watch Russia v Croatia. After that we headed to George's Bar & Restaurant for some grub. There were five of us so to much for one Uber. I saw a Bird near by and bet them a drink I could beat the Uber to George's on a Bird. I'm typing this while waiting on them to arrive and buy my drink.

Directions from RiRa to George's
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By Rocksta87
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Found a video comparing Bird and Uber on YouTube. Bird is definitely for commutes under a mile or two. Anything more Uber is probably faster. Very dependent on traffic though.

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By sofa.king.fresh
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In Baltimore during rush hour, it's absolutely faster to take a Bird to get through downtown. In a car, it can take 45 minutes to go a couple miles, especially with all the recent road work. A Bird can do the same trip in 7 minutes.

Now if only we had the same weather year round as you guys down in San Diego or Austin or Atlanta. To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.
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By Rocksta87
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Birds have been a life saver during rush hour. I love flying by everyone stuck in traffic. Especially the Uber drivers.

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