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By DaisyScooter
This is my favorite part. No one is buying this story! He obviously started picking up scooters because he hates what they are doing to his business! Such a huge conflict of interest here!
blanxable wrote:
Mon Feb 11, 2019 6:07 pm
Borelli has had a front row seat to the scooter invasion. He's a co-owner of Boardwalk Electric Rides, which sells and rents electric skateboards, scooters and other items on the Pacific Beach promenade. It's here that Bay Area scooter companies have deployed their products en masse, targeting tourists and locals alike. Borelli says it didn't hurt his business — in fact, his sales numbers have gone up since the dockless trend took hold — but his neighbors were frustrated by the clutter.
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By Ben J
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I think situation need to be hashed out within California Law regarding collecting property when its legal owner is known. Of course its ’Cal afterall. Who knows how it may turn out.
Personally I hope he gets his ass handed to him. Reportedly, he is part owner of a towing company too what puts him into sleazy lowlife category regardless.
By SicilianBoy
So lyft, jump, bird, lime, wheels don’t care if they are losing scooters? Are they that profitsble that they write off everything?

It’s worth paying up to $90 a scoot apparently..

I wonder how much really does it cost them per scoot? Like m365 including man hours and wholesale price

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