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Fly with the flock
By enoshclothing
Sorry for the delay, I didn't get notified they were messages to my response. I also don't know how to reply directly to them so it has to go here regarding fleet team. Basically when bird delivers new scooters to an area, they send a box truck with a few hundred of them, and then use Chargers in the community who have the ability to carry several dozen at a time to disperse them into the nests of that City. Because they are new unridden scooters we get flagged constantly by the charger team, since the fleet team is handled separately. And when they don't communicate that's when somebody likes me gets terminated. But since they really need us, getting reinstated wasn't an issue since it was obvious I was doing the work they wanted once the right person got in touch with the charger side
All that, and 2 months later bird gave up having them here anyways and has since pulled out of the area haha
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