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November 30th, 2018

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Bird Updates
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Coming Soon to Select Cities: Damage Nests for Damaged Birds
When you capture a damaged Bird, you'll soon be able to release it to a special Damage Nest near you. These new Damage Nests will help create a better experience for our Riders looking for a ride-ready Bird, and improve the transition of damaged Birds from Chargers to Mechanics.

Damage Nests will be displayed on the release map with a wrench icon and can be reserved just like a normal nest. Birds that are damaged will be blocked from being released into normal Nests, and healthy Birds will be blocked from Damage Nests. You will also soon be able to easily see which Birds are damaged under the My Tasks list, so you can plan your Nest route more efficiently.

All damaged Birds will still need to be fully charged before being released into a Damage Nest to receive the full payout.

Thanks for helping to keep the Bird community safe!

Charger Safety
We understand that a number of Facebook and other social media groups have formed among the Charger community to discuss challenges and share information. That’s great, please continue to share information with each other!

But, we’ve learned that some of the participants are impersonating Bird employees and giving advice to you. Please know, official Bird communications will only go to you directly through the Bird App, or other authorized communications (like email and text) – Bird does not communicate through any social media groups or other unofficial/informal channels. We are telling you this for your own safety and to clear up any confusion.

If you are ever unsure if something is an official Bird communication, please reach out to us directly through 'Help' in the app.
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Safety Tips while Capturing and Releasing in the Wild
Keep these safety tips in mind the next time you're capturing and releasing Birds.

Follow traffic laws when capturing and releasing Birds, whether you are doing so by foot, Bird, or car. Keep in mind that if you get pulled over for violating a traffic law while capturing or releasing Birds, charging for Bird is not a defense!

Park respectfully. Do not block public walkways or park in restricted zones in order to capture or release Birds.

Use Caution at crosswalks and look out for pedestrians, fellow Bird riders, and cyclists, among others.

Do not trespass or enter any private or public property without authorization.

Avoid confrontation and respect others in the Charger community.

Charger Spotlight
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Joel O.'s dog in Los Angeles

“A lot of people in Los Angeles go from home to car to office back to home. It’s important to get out and enjoy the perfect weather we have every day! Birding keeps me outside.”

Bird: What strategies do you use when capturing or charging?
Joel: I have trained my German Shepard dog to listen for the Bird alarms. So if I’m out to capture a hard to find Bird, he can hear the alarm and pulls me towards it. We’re an unbeatable team.

Bird: Tell us an interesting story about a time you were out charging.
Joel: I was out late one night driving towards a big pack of Birds. When I arrived at the spot, someone had beat me to it and was already loading them into his truck. I was bummed out at first, but then I recognized the truck! It was my good friend from across town. He split the Bird pack with me and then we went out for beers afterwards to catch up. A fun and random encounter!

Migrating Birds
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Pomona, CA
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Madrid, Spain

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