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Fly with the flock
By Hherbson
Where have all the Bird Zero's gone? I used to see dozens in midwest cities (travel a lot) and now they are as rare as Chinese integrity. Did the good lord call them home? Did aliens stop abducting cows and switch to scooters, or are they still there but chargers inadvertently activated the cloaking field? That would suck, tripping over something you can't even see.....
By Hherbson
Well that stinks. I just need one more for my project. Guess I'll dip into my private reserve........ Planning on using 1,000 watt motor controller, and custom paint with blue metallic and white pearl. They're heavy and clunky, but I like variety in my stable.

Perhaps polish the aluminum like in the scooter pics section. That does look really good.

Warmest regards,


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