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so I ordered a dashboard from a new seller on dhgate and it arrived pretty quickly. the board and number of cables is accurate but the type of connections on each of these cords don't fit into ANY slot on the m365 scooter.

I have converted many inoperable birds and never seen one that would use this cable / circuit board combo.

can someone help me figure out what I actually ordered when the ad says this is a replacement dashboard for m365 bird scooter

link to images of circuit board and all possible connections on the m365 scooter
Hi @Dhouston582,

The purple color tells me it’s a knock off board. The connectors don’t fit but do the wire colors match up? If yes you can soder them together.

Be warned, people on here have reported phone connection trouble with the purple boards.
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I made a post about this exact thing a few months ago. You should be able to solder the wires by matching up the colors. But yeah I have never seen a scooter with this config. Maybe in China? Or maybe the guy who contracted the factory just said fuckit and didnt want to bother paying more for the special plug.
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