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Fly with the flock
By Artdept
would there be any advantages of adding a powred rear wheel.

is it possible to take 2 m365 scooters and turn them into 1 scooter that has both front and back wheel powered?
i guess you may loose breaks, but who needs breaks when your going for a land speed record on a m365
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By guisar
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Have you tried moving the front wheel to the back to see how it fits?

The advantage I guess would be more torque and let you climb hills faster. I'm not sure you'd get any more top speed out of it.
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By Ben J
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Drain battery faster too. And probably have to replace its VFD to something what can handle twice the current.
By rmnhsd
I had the same idea. The m365s are definitely lacking in hill climbing ability. The segways are better, by a little. I thought about using an external battery like on the segways, and mounting a second speed controller to the vertical pipe, that way each wheel has its own closed system. The only thing they would share would be the speed and brake (they would have to both go the same speed or you would have a big problem). By doing it on a segway you could still use both brakes.

I also thought about making it part-time AWD, but for that I would have to find a way to turn off the regenerative coasting feature, lest the back wheel slow you down when not in use. This might also present problems when the battery gets low and the wheel with the higher charge starts rotating faster. But if youre only going for speed, not longevity, thats not an issue.
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By Ben J
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Problem with separate closed systems is keeping motors accurately syncronised.
Better is have a VFD with capacity to drive twice the wattage. Only connect the primary motors hall sensor to provide rotational feedback the VFD.
If tires are on a tractive surface, The non sensored motor will simply do whatever the sensored motor is doing.

As far as part time 2wd, thats interesting idea. If following the scenario of one VFD, the non sensored motor could be switched on/off as desired.
When its switched off it will have a little higher rotating resistance over an ordinary wheel due to its magnets cogging to its stator coil posts but wont actively brake or regenerate anything.
During 1wd, one could incorporate the secondary motor to switch back into the circuit as the brake handle is pressed as to make use of its KER braking potential. Then switch back off as the brake is released...
Interesting idea what would not be difficult to implement...
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