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January 18, 2019

The Charger newsletter will fly fresh to your inbox every other week and aims to provide you with important Bird updates, pro-tips, Charger spotlights, and more. We look forward to sharing them with you.

Bird Updates
It’s tax season! Bird wants to make it as easy as possible for you to file your 2018 tax returns. While we can’t provide tax advice, we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction. Please remember that Chargers are not employees of Bird, and must file as independent contractors.

If you made at least $600 from charging Birds in 2018, you should have received an email from us and and another from our partner Payable. The Payable email will allow you to confirm and update your tax information, as well as choose your 1099 delivery method. Please select e-delivery by January 22nd.

If you have never filed a 1099 tax form before, you can view the IRS instructions here. TurboTax also has a few resources about write-offs for the self-employed that you may find helpful.

If you did not make at least $600, you will not be receiving tax forms from us but we hope you will charge more in 2019!

For specific questions regarding your 2018 taxes, please reach out to a tax professional in good standing with the IRS.

Approval For All Canceled Tasks
We’ve noticed that many canceled tasks are associated with fraudulent behavior. To counteract this, all canceled tasks need to be approved by our Charger Support Team before Birds are released.

If there is ever a situation where you need to cancel your task, please write in to the Charger Support Team through Help in the app. This will allow us to better understand what types of situations are causing Chargers to cancel tasks so we can create a smoother and easier-to-use app experience.

Treating Birds with Care
When capturing and transporting Birds, it is important that you treat all Birds with care to avoid damage. Please organize your Birds nicely after capture to avoid damaging them during charging or transporting. You may be liable for damage occurring while in your possession.

If Birds are damaged they will need to be taken off the road for repair, which means that there are fewer opportunities for you to capture and make more as a Charger. Let’s work together to create a positive experience for all Riders and Chargers.

Account Privacy
We work hard to make sure that your account is safe and secure. In accordance with Bird’s Terms of Service, and as best practice, your Bird login and account information should always be kept private and never shared with anyone else, including third-party platforms.

Charger Spotlight
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Austen A. from Long Beach, CA

Bird: Has charging changed your life in any way?
Austen: Yes! I am active duty in the U.S. Navy. I move around so often that I can charge Birds pretty much anywhere I go and make a consistent income for trips and vacations.

Bird: Thank you for your service, Austen! What strategies do you use when capturing or charging?
Austen: I get off of work at 9:00 p.m. On my way home I stop and capture 6-7 Birds every night! I nest them every morning at 6:30 a.m. right beside my house.

Bird: Do you have an interesting story about a time you went out to capture Birds?
Austen: I was capturing my first Bird, and I met a man with a truck full of at least 30! He told me that he charged full time and supported his wife and two children doing so. I thought that was awesome.

2018 Highlights
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In our last newsletter, we asked you to share your favorite Bird moment in 2018 for a chance to be featured. Thank you for sharing your funny, inspiring, and beautiful experiences with us — it was hard to chose just one to feature.

Our 2018 Highlight goes to TJ in West Lafayette, who was able to make enough extra income to afford an engagement ring for his girlfriend, and creatively incorporate finding a Bird into his proposal.

We look forward to more magical Bird moments, like TJ's, in 2019.

The story below has been lightly edited for brevity.

TJ's story: My girlfriend and I have wanted to get engaged/married for a while but we've been super broke (we both attend university) and couldn't afford the engagement or wedding.

Bird has been such a blessing to both of us, as we've had tons of fun hunting for Birds, riding our own scooters around, and just getting to spend time together. Without Bird, I wouldn't have had enough money for the ring and would still be struggling to pay for student loans. Since Bird has been such a big part of our lives the past couple of months, I wanted it to be a part of our engagement.

So I hatched (haha pun intended) a plan to tell her we are going to dinner at a casual diner across the river and I would "find" a Bird on the map on the bridge. I had one of my best friends find a Bird and place it on the center of the bridge.

When my girlfriend and I got to the Bird, I pulled out my phone and pulled up a screenshot of the Bird on the map but I had photoshopped the normal icon to be an icon of a ring. I said, "Hey this icon is new, what do you think this means?" and handed her the phone with the special icon. As soon as she saw it I dropped to one knee and asked her to be my wife, and she said absolutely yes!
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