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Fly with the flock
By Birdhouseinspect
Just before christmas 2018 I noticed when in the app (charger mode) that when in Release tab there were no NESTS around the University. I just assumed that chargers are getting up before me 0315 and claiming the nests. After a few days I began to think something else was up. I noticed that there were no Birds were ever dropped in the nests (I drive by the university all day). After the new year there were still no Birds being dropped and none showed up to be able to claim them. I sent the question to support, as to what happened, but they had no interest and gave a canned reply saying I have to get up early and keep checking or refresh my app, all BS. To this day no Birds are being dropped at the locations that I had dropped at previously around Cal State Long Beach. Has Bird been kicked out? LIME and SPIN are still being dropped in the spots next to the locations Bird used to have.
Obviously Bird doesn't care but has anyone else noticed that former Nests have disappeared?
By Birdhouseinspect
There algorithms must be way off. These locations are perfect for all the college students. I see them riding all day, but now they only ride Lime because Bird is gone.
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