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Fly with the flock

We made some updates to our Mechanic community guidelines — please take a moment to familiarize yourself with them. Note that violation of these guidelines can result in the termination of your services agreement with Bird, including your Rider account.

  • All repairs should be executed with a high level of quality, and we closely monitor the Bird post-repair for performance.
  • Damage and Fixed photos should clearly illustrate the repair being completed when taking photos in the app.
  • Birds should only be released in authorized Nests.
  • Holding captured Birds longer than 48 hours (without a pre-approved reason) is not permitted.
  • Do not work with other Chargers, Mechanics or Riders to falsely mark Birds damaged.
Community is one of our core values at Bird. We do not tolerate disorderly, disrespectful or aggressive conduct (verbal or otherwise) towards others in the Bird community — including Chargers, Mechanics, Riders, Bird employees, and the general public. Additionally, Bird reserves the right to limit the number of tasks that you can pick up based on your contract compliance.

Thank you for helping us to make Bird a positive experience for the entire community.

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