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We noticed a few issues taking place in the Charger community, and wanted to make sure you’re aware of what’s not permitted under your Charger Services Agreement. Not abiding by your agreement with Bird may result in the termination of your services, including your Rider account.

The following is not permitted under the Charger Services Agreement:
  • Holding or charging ride-ready Birds.
  • Moving Birds before capture.
  • Consecutively recapturing unridden birds.
  • Collusion and other fraudulent behaviors.
  • Creating and charging on multiple accounts.
  • Damaging, vandalizing, tampering with, or attempting to sell Birds.
  • Allowing others to ride Birds you have captured.
Community is one of our core values at Bird. We do not tolerate disorderly, disrespectful or aggressive conduct (verbal or otherwise) towards others in the Bird community — including Chargers, Mechanics, Riders, Bird employees, and the general public. Additionally, Bird reserves the right to limit the number of Birds you can capture based on your contract compliance.

Thank you for helping us to make Bird a positive experience for the entire community.
I recieved this email also and sent an extensive reply to what could actually be happening in terms of CONSECUTIVELY CAPTURING UNRIDDEN BIRDS I thought I was very specific in my explanation and asked about the possibility that some chargers have been falsely accused of such behavior even gave an account of a actual event and was blown off with a obviously pre written reply. It's too bad there is no way to have a concern go to the next level (maybe a manager) or someone who will read the concern and give a legitimate answer.

Is there another online forum available for real world answers?
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