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Enjoy the juice
By mr_myko
Hey, did the prices for juicing scooters drop? Because I've been a juicer here in Atlanta for only 2 weeks, and it used to be $4 per scooter. I checked the app tonight and now I see most of the scooters now are only in the $3 range now. This is crazy, the funny thing is its 10:40 pm and I see a lot of scooters on the map. I guess I am not the only pissed, and not doing it anymore cause of the price drop.
By john man

here in Vienna the price dropped from 5-6 euro to 4 euro now. Just quit that shit, what do these (venture-) capitalists think who they are. Let the crap rotten in the park and streets... And lets see how the business model then works. But I thinks there will be enough idiots out there hustling around even for 1 buck. No, thanks, without me.
By enoshclothing
Ours went from 5 ->4 awhile back, pretty much discouraging everyone save for myself and one or two others front charging anymore. It's more of a hustle now but with so few ppl doing it anymore I can still clear triple digits on an average night
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