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Enjoy the juice
By Keelan Matthews
I recently got a Lime scooter from an auction and went to unlock it and received this code as a text:


I have come up with some conclusions to this code.

1. AT+CMD=95949849,20190221 - This is the date of the scooter unlock (2019 February 21st)
2. 092238,130c,{0CC3:[1]}$- Connected to the top one, It is the Time (9:22:38) 9:22 PM
3. 092238,130c,{0CC3:[1]}$ - To remove $1 from the rider?
4. AT+CMD=95949849,20190221 - Unique code to identify the person unlocking the scooter
By Keelan Matthews
6ixs6xsi6 wrote:
Fri Feb 22, 2019 4:45 am
How did you "apply" the code?
edit: and what model is the scooter?
I purchased the scooter from auction and when I was messing around I scanned the QR code on the Lime and it sent a text to a dummy phone that I put the sim from the green box from the Lime into.

NOTE: You are unable to text a simcard that code it will not work.

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By slabbe
I think it would be more interesting if you could sniff the UART communication between the brain (Phone/GPS etc) and the motor controller when unlocking.
By Keelan Matthews
UPDATE; I’ve hacked the system jk I got another
lime from auction and before telling Lime it was sold to me i decided to unlock it then remove the box it still runs like a normal Lime bht no GPS basically i can keep it unlocked until the juice runs out but i think this could lead to some type of hotwire hack

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