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Does anybody know how to be a charger and a mechanic for lime scooter at the same time?

I'm already a charger for lime. I want to be also a mechanic for lime also. But I don't know where to apply

Please help any info will help me out thank you
Once I met a Lime mechanic. He said he applied via linked in. He was an actual employee of Lime. He drove a van 55 miles each way into our market from the Lime warehouse. His job was to swap the batteries on the Lime Bikes and also pick up scooters that needed charging and repairs. He passively would get the scooters that chargers missed. He did have some type of notebook keeping track of batteries he swapped. He even showed me his side of the Lime app and what he saw.
It seems unlikely that Lime would allow one to do both roles as Bird doesnt allow it either. Check their web site under careers to see if they have a need.

Best of luck
They post adds sometimes I applied for one just for fun and for some info, was offered a jobb the pay was 22-24k SEK (Swedish money). Not intressted as I make way more at my current jobb but sounds like decent pay for a simple job. To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.
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