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By kawfey
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I've been charging for both Bird and Lime, and while I really like Bird, Lime really takes the cake (if only there were more scooters available, and if could fit more in my car)

  • Better scooters (more robust and harder to damage)
  • Mature app, so fewer bugs and kinks
  • Better support
  • Sends promo emails and special holiday deals
  • Much fewer phantom scooters on app
  • Bigger scooters (less fit, they're heavier)
  • Fewer scooters
  • Lime employees are also in the charging game
  • Thousands of scooters everywhere, always a full load every night if you wanted it
  • Lighter & smaller scooters
  • more likely to be higher bounty
  • Non-existent support
  • App changes all the time
  • Stolen/lost scooters stay on app indefinitely without any filtering
  • Multiple types of scooters each with a mind of their own (some unlock, some don't, some leave the light on, some just die)
  • Scooters are damaged easily
  • No promotional emails or updates from Bird
  • Too few Mechanics, lots of damaged birds get left on the street, wasting me time scanning them.
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By Nottinghaam
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I've been charging for both as well and I agree with your comments. The only thing I would add is that I am able to make much more money with Bird than with Lime. I can regularly capture $11-$14 birds but it is extremely rare to harvest a lime over $6.
By DmpstrrrDvrrr
I like how the Limes light up green and have the digital mph display. I also like the fact that their beeping is not as annoying as Birds, but sometimes I can't get the Limes to stop beeping.
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