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By Ben J
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humanbeing21 wrote:
Thu Dec 20, 2018 11:15 pm
Hmmmm..... wonder if Lyft added any more security than Bird with these scooters.
I think its unlikely. They are in such a hurry to jump in the business they just copy something what already works.
Until Lyft comes to my town when/if scooters are allowed again, Suppose somebody else will have to steal one to find out...
Even if its a special M365, changing its VFD & dash to a ”non-Lyft parts” puts it on the road again.
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By humanbeing21
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blanxable wrote:
Fri Dec 21, 2018 8:38 pm
Lyft is getting ready to launch in Atlanta too. Apparently Lyft has docking stations? That's a different approach.

On heels of Uber’s announcement, Lyft lunges into Atlanta’s e-scooter market
Nice, I'm in Atlanta! I'll have to check these out. For the record this will be a catch and release program with the Lyft scooter.

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