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By humanbeing21
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It's difficult to figure out when impounded scooters will go on sale. The approach I've used is to follow stories of cities picking up Birds and keep an eye on their police and towing auctions. I'll keep this thread updated with my findings and make you aware of any scooters at auction I come across.

Richmond, VA
If scooters go up for auction they'll be listed on this website - Seibert's Auto Auction. Auctions occur the second Monday of each month.

Athens, GA
Scooters Impounded 12/05/18
Athens-Clarke Commission grounds Bird scooters

West Lafayette, IN
Scooters Impounded 12/11/18
News Article: Bird scooters - West Lafayette resorts to towing as promises fall flat near Purdue
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By humanbeing21
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Gatwod wrote:
Sun Jan 13, 2019 3:06 am
Hey, Looks like it's been roughly a month since your last update....anything new? Lots of interest since the Boing Boing post!!!
No update, turns out it's really hard, time consuming to figure out where these scooters go after they are impounded. Seems like you have to be lucky to stumble across a batch of them for sale.

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