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September 21st, 2018

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Bird Updates

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Bird was founded to help create a cleaner and more hospitable world that prioritizes people over cars. Since creating and introducing the concept of shared e-scooters a year ago, people all over the U.S. and the world have opted to exchange short car trips for clean Bird rides.

Thank you to our amazing community of Chargers, Mechanics, Riders, and city partners who've helped us bring about this next phase in ridesharing. Learn more about what we've accomplished together here.

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Introducing the OKB Model Scooter
Our fleet of scooters is constantly growing and evolving to give our Riders the best experience on the road. We’re excited to announce that we launched another new scooter type — The OKB model scooter.

This new scooter was designed specifically for our Riders with a thicker neck, longer charge, and wider base to improve ride quality. These improvements make this Bird a little heavier but it also is more durable and easier to release.

The improved battery on the OKB will allow these scooters to stay on the road longer. This also means that they may not become available to capture in the evening if the battery hasn't dropped low enough. Don't worry about capturing them until they appear on the Charger map.

Charger Spotlight

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Christopher F. — Dallas, TX

Bird: Has charging changed your life? How?
Christopher: Since I have been charging, I have lost 14 pounds! I jog to each Bird I see. Many might think that I am trying to beat them to a Bird, but I'm not. The running is cardio, loading/unloading Birds is just like lifting light weights, and bending over to plug/unplug Birds are good for the abs! Bird is definitely a life changer!

Bird: What strategies do you use when capturing or charging?
Christopher: I keep it simple. I only go after the green Birds that are near me. If I am in Deep Ellum, I focus on that area, if I am in the center of downtown Dallas, I focus on that area.

Bird: Tell us a story about being a Charger.
Christopher: On August 27th, when I went out to charge, I took 100 hamburgers out with me to give to the homeless people. It was pretty cool to give back. I will make it a once a week deal starting in October.

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Dylan & Karla B. — Raleigh, NC

Bird: Has charging changed your life? How?
Dylan: I don’t know about changed my life, but I enjoy being a part of something the community supports and enjoys. I love the rush of finding a Bird and my VERY new wife and I just really enjoy capturing and releasing together.

We met in San Diego in Nov of ‘17 and several months later we were back in SD and we met Bird! As an engineer I immediately looked up how the scooters got recharged and signed up for if/when they would make it to Raleigh. We’ve been charging since the initial release on July 10.

Bird: What strategies do you use when capturing or charging?
Dylan: I ride a OneWheel around downtown Raleigh and my wife captures Birds near our condo. We’re pretty efficient. I’m able to get to Birds much faster than my vehicle-bound charger peers.

Bird: Tell us a story about being a Charger.
Dylan: Karla and I went out at 2am once to see if we could get some high bounty Birds. We ended up into mud construction areas, looking in trees, parking garages. Late night Birds are always the toughest but after 2.5 hours of galavanting around Raleigh we ended up with around 8 Birds that weren’t exactly sitting in plain view. It was rather satisfying but perhaps not going to be a nightly routine.

BTW, the photo is from a fun photo shoot testing out smoke bombs. We were quite pleased with the results.

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The Charger Support Team

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Last week our Charger Support Team had the chance to sit down with LA Charger Leila C. and discuss Charger initiatives over a lunch Q&A session. These sessions help our team learn from the community on how we can improve, and we're looking forward to doing more of them. Thanks to Leila for coming out to chat with our team! Leila also organizes Charger meetups in LA — we hope to see you at the next one.

Migrating Birds

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In just one year, we've grown to 100 cities worldwide! Our newest city is in Brussels, Belgium — it's never too early to start planning your European summer vacation.

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