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What's happening in the world of dockless transportation
Bird is going after laws in California laws that restrict the use of their scooters. The bill proposed will get rid of the helmet and driver's license requirements and raise the maximum speed of scooters to 20 mph. The biggest change is it will allow riders to cruise on sidewalks. The bill has made it's way all the way to the state senate where it'll likely pass.

This is shady, sketchy business practices. Those laws are in place to keep pedestrians safe from careless jerks.

Read the full article to see for yourself.
CNET - Bird goes after helmet laws for electric scooters
Sounds like a very Uber thing to do. There are a number of people in California that hate these things. They liter the sidewalks and beaches. You'll see people fly down the sidewalks on them with no regard to anyone's safety.
Taking this out on Bird for the recklessness of a bunch of assholes isn't fair. Punish the people who are riding them like lunatics not the company offering an environmental friendly alternative to a car. I agree with letting them ride on the sidewalks they don't go fast enough to ride safely on the road.
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