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By DedX
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today night, in our austrian tv broadcast was a discuss about the e-scooters.
hopefully they post a blog about this soon so that i can share it with you here to proof it's not a fake.

back to the topic:
many scooters from Lime, Tier & Bird was stolen or their additional batteries from the ES2 were removed.
now the police or a security want to check every driver that has his "own" e-scooter.
you need to proof where you got your scooter and you NEED a bill. no fake one. they contact the seller too to proof it's not a fake.
if you can't proof a bill than you can get a punishment about almost 5.000€ or 3 weeks in jail.

so.. STOP stealing Bird, Lime, Tier, Wind, another e-scooters in vienna or their additional batteries!
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