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By freakybeak
Hey all!

I've currently got a friends ES2 that I'm enjoying but it's beginning to feel less and less solid and I've already had to do a couple of repairs on it (which went fine, but were a pain in the ass).

Eventually rather than riding his scooter in to the ground, I'd like to give that back to him and purchase something of my own. I'm looking for basically the cheapest 30km/h min speed scooter that I can get that is durable. I don't really care about comfort too much, just as long as the scooter is reliable. I'm willing to spend more for something sturdier, but I'd say the ninebot max is about the max for my price range.

Thanks for any and all help,

By freakybeak
Looks to me like at the price range I'm looking at the zero 8 is by far the best scooter. Fastest, great brand reputation, decent ride quality, decent range and good tweakability.

Kinda just posting this in case anybody is looking around the price range of the ninebot max and was after something less focussed on pure range and with a bit more emphasis on fun/ride quality/doesn't trust segway after the es2/es4...

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