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Full disclosure, I haven't purchased these yet;
I have the offer to legally obtain some FitRide T2 scooters, that were previously behind a paywall.

- The council collects them when they're illegally parked\dumped
- The company is contacted to come and collect them, after paying an impound fee.
- If no fee is paid, then the property is surrendered, and it is sold at auction.
Basically, there's scooters that weren't claimed, and are now legally property of the state, to sell.

I had a few questions;

1. Where is the GPS module on these things?
If I purchase them, they're legally mine, and tracking my personal property is not OK To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

2. The dashboard looks SHOCKINGLY like a Xiaomi M365, Any chance they share the same Dashboard\BMS?

3. These look shockingly similar to an M365, despite the obvious few exceptions; are many parts cross compatible?

4. Does anyone have any info, internal pictures, wiring diagrams, ANYTHING that might help.

If I can get some info on this, I might go ahead and purchase them.
They seem like well built things, but obviously, until I buy them, I'm not allowed to start ripping them apart.

Thanks all!

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