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By Rapp
Hello all. Forgive my ignorance, I am new to this. Can someone identify what purpose the blue/white pair of wires serve on my 36v Li-on "smart" battery pack? It is connected to the brushless motor controller. The scooter died suddenly one month after purchase. The battery read 34 volts at the time. Unit refused to charge. Charger shows 42v. One month later, the battery voltage is 0. It is my suspicion that a different component crapped out, taking the battery in the process. I could be very wrong, ask my wife. To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

By Rapp
I threw caution to the wind and opened the "waterproof" battery wrap and found this. I attempted several internet searches and if I want 10 of these battery packs at 250 euro, I can have them. I just need one. Ideas?

By Rapp
Nobody knows what this pair of wires is for? I need a new battery pack but I don't want to buy something without knowing what these wires do.

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