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By jake997s
Hi Guys,

I purchased a Xiaomi last year before they became available to buy in the UK shops therefore its a European model imported direct from Xiaomi. After its first charge the scooter was used for 1.5 miles and then stored indoors for 6+ months. Last week I checked the charge and I had 4 bars so all good. I took the scooter out for a 3 mile blast (oh such fun) and then parked it indoors at home. Later that evening I went to charge it (I have a 2 pin plug so used a 2 into 3 adapter) and the adapters fuse blew. It was a 2 amp fuse, so I used a different 2-3 pin adapter and all was good.

Next day I noted that the scooter had a problem To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

1. Scooter would switch on - No error codes
2. Connected to the M365 Plus app > Found the scooter and connected however no info displayed as the spinning symbol keeps spinning even after 10 minutes +
3. Scooter has no power to the wheels > display etc. all working

So this is what I done To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

1. Removed battery cover and disconnected the red+black for 30 minutes
2. Checked all push in connections
3. Reconnected red+black
4. Checked voltage to the red and black > shows 40.9 so all good (I assume)
5. Dismantled the display to check the cables
6. Removed throttle and inspected inner cable (small screw removed - no visible signs of damage)
7. Inspected all areas for evidence of burning etc. > all ok

So with 4.5 miles of use, my scooter is dead. Can anyone suggest what I should be doing next to help get this scooter started again. I haven't checked the 'z' fuse as I assume that the reading of 40.9 suggests that the fuse is ok??

Open to ideas and thanks in advance


By jake997s
Right the story so far To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

I inspected the controller and that was good, no issues with the board or any evidence of burning. The scooter has had a full strip down with every plug disconnected and finally reconnected. Display still isn't showing any error codes. I tried to connect again using the App > the app finds the serial number as it has done previously but I cannot get any battery data or scooter information.

The front wheel spins but not as freely as the back wheel. The next step is to remove the front wheel to see whether there are any issues within. I am still perplexed by the App To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

Anyone had experience of these symptoms?

Vanessa Kirby,

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