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Whats a good scooter that I can get for my son for under $500? I was looking at the SamsClub deal for a Bird ES1-300 for $349, but I dont know if thats any good. From the looks of it, it sounds like its pretty barebones and I’d have to add a different speed controller to enable all the features. So with that said Im looking at the Costco deal Segway Ninebot ES3 KickScooter with Dual Battery for $519. What does everyone think about this scooter? ... 98363.html
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By Darcness777
That's a good choice. The Segway Ninebot was found in Bird, Lyft, and Jump's rental fleets when they first started out so you know they are reliable. Lot's of people on here know how to work on them too in case anything goes wrong or if he wants to start modifying it.
By Teslaguy
Here's a good refurbished one.
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By Zahram5
I would recommend Bytech International’s GXL V2. One of the main reasons that people choose Bytech International’s GXL V2-powered electric scooter is its low price. The scooter is easy to assemble and comes in a secure package. Its features include a seated position with an ergonomically-designed seat and a low center of gravity. The GXL V2‘s bright lights are a welcome addition, but it would be nice to have an actual back light.

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