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Hey all, Found this out with my Spin Ninebot ES3. Tried it out on a bird ES2 and it worked as well. Seems to be a firmware error or something.

Step 1: Download firmware 1.3.3 from NO CHANGES.
Step 2 Put new dash on the Scooter.
Step 3: Open the ESdownG app and flash 1.3.3. DO NOT REMOVE DASH AFTER FLASHING! THIS IS IMPORTANT!
Step 4: Open the Nine Dash app and connect to your scooter.
Step 5: toggle over to the tab where you see the battery stats and press the restart button at the top of the page. Wait one minute and you are done!

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT responsible if anything goes wrong with your ninebot. This is based on my success, Not yours.

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