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By m365b
I have the version 2 Monorim front suspension and noticed that there are potential upgrade options resulting from this install. The front fork that attaches the piston of the spring assembly can be used as an additional lock for the folding steering pole (maybe a separate post). However, the most interesting is the potential for different motor options.

If the side plates are swapped, then there is significantly more space to add different motor options (modified photo from monorim facebook page):
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The approximate 125mm width of room may allow for the install of these hub motors on Amazon and eBay, where the distance between the locking washers (that lock the motor to the fork) is 127mm:
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Search for "350w electric scooter hub motor" on Amazon or eBay. The distance between the flats on the mounting threads of the hub motor are 10mm, so this should mount to the monorim front suspension (with the side plates swapped) with no issue. I was always curious about these wider hub motors because the side covers are identical to the bird zero hub motors (RisingSun). Hopefully, these motors have a bit more "zip" than the stock m365 motor. Does anyone have any experience with these wider hub motors? Any issues with running a 350W motor with stock m365 controller?


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