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By Otto
With kers disabled and steep hill it's really easy to reach those speeds, you just don't touch the throttle, and then if you touch the brake, scooter brakes really strong and controller dies.
I noticed that with higher speeds, motor braking gets much stronger.
That's why I ask if anyone tried to reduce brake phase currents in order to prevent frying the controller...

By danc
Think? I've found a partial solution I simply adjusted my brake cable (at the Caliper) so that the brake lever only has a ~1" of travel Locking the rear disc wayyy before getting into the lever movement required to activate the Regen braking. I'm hoping that if the Brake light isn't flashing then the Electro brake isn't engaged.

By IamPurple
IDK what you guys are talking about. I *increased* the e-brake strength to 45A with the beta.botox firmware and adjusted the disc brake to lock much later, not sooner, to save the pads and use more of the motor brake (the brake pads wear down supper quickly in the wet conditions that I had here lately and then I get shit brakes. This way its much more consistent and reliable). KERS set to 40. I weigh 86kg and brake hard all the time.
From what I see, the brake level braking works different than just regular KERS - looking at the app, it mostly *consumes* energy, not regenerates. It only regenerates when pulling the lever lightly and braking slowly. Regeneration seems to stay below -300w and braking consumed power doesnt seem to go above 500w (maybe, my memory can be fuzzy, but its around that). Just dont use the scooter as a downhill bike or smth.

By IamPurple
Guirmod wrote:
Wed Oct 23, 2019 5:12 am
Hi, thanks a lot for your reply To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

I thought I mentionned it but my scooter is already a m365 PRO, that's why i'm a bit disappointed

I have several questions that seem to be unsolvable, everybody have a different version

- How is the regen braking activated ? Do I have to press the brake handle to activate it ? Or is it passive like for example I'm riding downhill, I release everything (accelerator and brake handle), does it regenerate with the resistance I feel in the front wheel ?

- If the brake handle activates regen, then it means there is a sensor in it somewhere, so what if I remove it ? Does it remove Kers ?

- If I disable Kers with a custom firmware by setting activation above 40km/h for example, will I still have the motor braking ? And if yes, will it generate energy ? So is it still dangerous for my controller ?

I'm scared of taking big slopes now, and I would like to be able to ride freely without worrying about it, I mean yes I understand that climbing big hills with heavy weight can be dangerous for the scooter but come on I broke my scooter TWICE on a downhill where the scooter has the less stress, gravity does everything !
Automatic KERS and brake lever braking and regenerating are separate things.

1) Regen braking, if you have not used any custom firmware, work automatically when you release the throttle, unless you are in cruise control mode, ofc. It will simply apply rolling resistance and work to slow you down, generating some little energy.

2) Yes, there is a magnet and a hall sensor in the brake lever. The magnet is in the moving part and the sensor is in the fixed part - you move the lever, the magnet moves away and the sensor does its thing. If you remove the magnet, it will be constantly braking (and have error when you turn the scoot off and on). To make it inoperable, you can permanently attach the magnet to the sensor and it will never register that you pulled the lever. I do not suggest this as the single disk brake is not that good.
It wouldnt remove KERS: KERS, as I said before, works automatically when you release the throttle

3) Kinda, not really, maybe a little bit. First of all, if you set KERS to 40, be sure to use firmware 1.3.8, because in 1.3.8 the motor wont shut down completely and will have like 15w of power sent to it, thus making the transition from free wheeling to accelerating or braking much smoother. In 1.4.+ the motor will completely shut down, but will also introduce strong jerking when transitioning.
When you set KERS to 40, it will automatically activate only when the scooter has passed 40km/h, which practically mean never. But it will still work when you press the brake lever slightly (and you have not messed with the lever or something). And I have also noticed some generation happening when driving down a bridge and pushing the throttle just a little bit, depending on the speed. I suppose it happens because the throttle is saying to the wheel to stay at, say, 10km/h, but gravity is trying to make it go faster so the extra energy from gravity is being generated into electricity and pushed in the battery. Or something like that.

By Sleepycat3
On my Pro, I have set KERS to come on all the time above 5 km/h, set to weak. I also reduced the minimum phase current to 8A and maximum to 20A to try to avoid frying the controller. I don't think if it will make a difference, but if I never make a post on a fried controller, then I can only say anecdotally that it may have worked. To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

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