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By w0219
Need help on wiring a iwak urban 2 with a generic speed controller, I connected the throttle cables, battery wires, and the motor wires, but it doesnt do anything. any advice? I dont know much about scooters and the instructions are very vague but ik which cable is which.

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By onoff
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hello ,

can you send a picture of your wiring ?

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By Back Slash Krash
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There is almost always a second power wire that will be red or orange and thinner than the primary power wire that wire would be used if you had like an on off switch that you would use to turn your skooter on or off when you’re not using it but if you don’t have a switch to wire up you can just connect it directly to the power wire and that will turn on the controller . Also make sure you have all 3 phase wires connecter to the motors 3 phase wires “thick green, blue and yellow wires”. And 5 or 6 hall censor wires “red black green yellow blue and sometimes white”

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