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By glub

I've been comparing m365 vs es2 but I didn't found answers to all the questions I have.

Can you help me decide which one to choose, regarding safety and long term reliability?

I heard that the folding mechanism on the m365 is poorly design and can cause serious safety issues and the electronics on the es2 might have problems before long before the m365.
This means m365 has a better build (exept the fold) and the es2 is generaly safer?

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By onoff
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hello ,

i have the both , m365 and es4 ,
i have more than 3000 km on my 365 and less than 2000 km on my es4 .
Personaly i prefere ride the m365 because there is less vibration due to the air tires .
I changed the fodable part for a fixed clamp .
I had some issue with flat tires on m365 but with the time you know how to avoid it .
Personnaly i use every day my 365 and when i have to ride more than 30 km i use the es4.
to me the es2/4 slide a lot on rainy day , and when you ride on paris pavement the vibration are horrible
if i had to buy only one beetwen the both i would for sure choose the m365 but nowadays in pro version To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

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