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By Nick1
I was riding my M365 scooter yesterday and it breaks while I was driving on the cycle way.I fall down badly, my left leg is very bad also my left arm.I WAS LUCKY ENOUGH TO BE ON THE CYCLE WAY AND NOT ON THE TRAFFIC.
The picture it shows the problem
I called customer service and they told me that my scooter is not part of the recall process and they cannot help me
I spoke with my lawyer about this situation and I will go to hospital to receive documentation for my leg and arm and after we can go forward with the process
I have a lot of witnesses around me who help me to recover myself filming
The lady at the customer service had no option for me, was just like a robot without understanding the real situation
I was just asking to repair my scooter or replace it but she said this is not possible because is not part of the recall process
This problem on this scooter is on all series not just the ones they recall
Guys, please give attention to this message because is very dangerous , it happened to me and can happened to your kids or someone you care about.This issue on this scooter is a real problem and must be stop before someone can have real problems
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By Tuco1
true, the folding system of m365 is very dangerous. I also broke the screw, but luckily I realized and I had no accident. Good luck with your recovery

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