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By JasonRadford
So I have an odd issue with a recently acquired "bird" branded segway/ninebot ES4 model scooter. I acquired this scooter legally via police impound from a non-friendly bird city, like I have many times with great results...

...but this one won't go. I installed the new dashboard display. It's from the exact same ebay seller I have ordered from in the past, with great success.

It powers on, the display lights up, but the battery "bars" don't display. The rear brake lights blink very slowly, then it shuts itself off. Also, it will not connect to the ninebot app. The scooter will beep when i try to pair, but the connection will eventually fail.

I have reseated all connections from the bottom of the tube up, checked both throttles for loose magnets. I'm at a loss.

Any ideas?


By Kp86
You need to remove the control board from the stem and flash it with stlink or similar debugger. This is similar to flashing the dashboard. Scooterhacking.org has some directions. It's a pita to dissemble that requires security torx.

By kykyfang
- Get an ST-LINK V2
- Get Ninebot Flasher
- Follow instructions on ScooterHacking to flash the controller

You need to solder wires, or buy some test clips on eBay if you're lazy like me.

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