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By gigatech
Hello, i recently got my hands on a Lime 2.5 scooter. Ive read online that this scooter has front and rear motor is that correct? Also what controller should i pick for 1motor/2motor scenario and how do i wire it up in case of dual motor scenario ? For charger i read that ppl use 42V 2A standart, what charge time am i looking at if using said charger ? What would u recommend? If possible please post links where and what u bought.
This being my first post, please be kind with me ^^
Thanks in advance. :D
By gigatech
Thanks for the insight you provided. :mrgreen: Now whats left is the controller. Will 36V 15A controller be okay ? And any chance the original display will work with 3-rd party controller ?

Did you use the 25km/h Firmware ? Obviosly not..

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