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By anasbo
Can somebody tell me how can i flash a TIER Scooter? I have one tier scooter now in my house, and want to restart it to my personally scooter.

By Kiki626
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Risitas98 wrote:
Tue Jun 18, 2019 5:02 pm
I tried this... The scooter worked well but the motherboard got broken after using 30 min.
Same here, thesse control boards are terrible. It's the design itself that lends itself to constant failure, let alone putting a custom firmware on it and trying to get more speed.

After researching the numerous problems people are having frying their boards with normal use I've decided to keep mine stock so I can enjoy the peace of mind knowing my scooter isn't going to crap out halfway through a long ride.

As an example I made the mistake of bombing down a hill and hitting the recup brake, it fried my board instantly. I tried soldering the tracts but I think it blew the mosfets too. Another one fried because I flashed it at 50k mpc and went up a hill. It's a joke. I see why they're limiting everyones speed now, because people are blowing the boards and the company is paying out on defective merchandise. How about UPGRADE THE BOARD instead! And make the part available to people who already own your shoddy product.

Figures they don't care if these things get trashed.

I'm still working on the lyft controller , since its a new board I am HOPING that they included some better design principals but i doubt it. It's about the only chance i have to get a board working that won't fry from me just breathing on it.

By basti256
Risitas98 wrote:I tried this... The scooter worked well but the motherboard got broken after using 30 min.
What did you tried exactly? Can you explain it? maybe we'll find an solution together. But i can't see what you tried and what you did to get it running.


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