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Bird Watchers aggressively reclaiming birds
Bird watchers seem to be a new job and one of their tasks is to recover birds that have been converted into a personal. They're extremely aggressive and take birds within 10 minutes of them being locked to bike racks. Even legitimately acquired birds through a police auction are subject to be re-claimed by their recovery team. They are currently patrolling many areas ASU campus being one of them. Bird watchers are allowed to ride in the geo-fence area, camouflage as a student by wearing a backpack and actively monitor bike racks to spot any bird scooters locked to them. If you're caught with a personal bird scooter, they'll threaten to call the police on you, and cut your lock if you don't comply. Just a fair warning to everyone who has legally acquired their birds.

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This is a fear tactic employed by bird to save their assets
They cant do this, especially so your 365 is off !

And if you can catch them, and prove you purchased via auction, any officer will arrest that person. A felony at the rate of a m365 new.

DO NOT BE AFRAID this is a fear tactic

By Jray517
Look this is a tactic bird is using to keep people scared of modding legally bought scooters.

Firstly if you legally bought it from an auction and modded it, the watcher is committing a felony by "taking" it back. Call the police, trust me, with a brother in law enforcement you are solid.

This is why bird prices have lowered for chargers. Burd has lost ALOT of money in their previous designs, and now have to pay more to design their own version instead of bulk buying pre made scooters.

If you see anyone taking your modded scooter stop them and call authorities. I cant beleive people think they have some special ability to detect through bluetooth what was theirs, when the scooter is off.

Someone please upload a video of this, and dont beleive all you hear on the net!!
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I agree this is a fear tactic. But true or not... I find it easier just to replace the control board and the mother board (m365). So they can scan all they want but it wont show for a bird SN.

not only that, but who is to say that you didn't buy a used control board or motherboard off ebay that unknowingly was from a Bird. Bird or any similar rental company for that matter would need to create a way/opportunity for scooter owners to check/verify their parts with suspected missing ones and provide an opportunity for those who might have had the misfortune of purchasing stolen parts to return them.

Going around and accusing riders of theft who have these "specific" SN's would be easily defendable when there are dozens and dozens of online sellers who are potentially selling stolen equipment via ebay or any other similar site. Even amazon....

Also, Bird,Lime,Lyft,etc. all have assets insurance that covers theft/vandalism. Why chase a POS hot scooter when they can just get a new one. Uncle sam wont charge them taxes either on it since its just a replacement for one that they already paid for.

Who ever reported or claimed this happened to them is full of shit, clearly knows nothing about law or basic economics, and more than likely was just being scammed/manipulated by someone who has great social engineering skills.

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By Fox Master
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I mean, the chargers can be confused when they see a bird scooter with no code, so they'll just assume that the scooter is damaged and they'll bring it to the warehouse. By this point u can't do sh*t besides calling the cops.

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