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By Edward
The BMS is what is bad. Batteries have 38 vdc without the BMS connected. With it connected I drop down to 3.7 vdc and the red light of death comes on! Too bad you can't just buy a BMS....oh well tired of messing with it going to sell it for parts on eBay.

By clfberlin
Thanks for the advice! That was pretty much the case with my battery (even before pressing reset). Approx. 3V output when not connected and 7V when connected.
Unfortunately I could not locate a seller in Germany who has internal NEB1002-H batteries. However I purchased one via eBay France. It arrived yesterday and now my ES1 is up and running again.

I still don't know what the problem is with the original battery. I assume there is a problem with the wiring on the inside. Or perhaps the BMS just needs a correct reset or whatever. But I have too much respect to open the battery. So I am selling it on eBay, hoping that someone will be able to revive it or make some use out of it.
Thanks and cheers,

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Have the similar problem, my BMS dead.
(got few times error21, and didnt power up at all later, baterry had no blue blink, cells cherged, no power output, no 3.3V supply for BMS processor ic. Didnt find out why, made external 3.3vcc for it, powered up, got blue blink and 40v power out. - but it does not communicate with scooter controller - permanent error21, beeps, runs on limited speed only, Segway app does not see battery info too).
Seems it finally p*ised me off
On shared other battery, scooter runs well.
QUESTION: Where i can buy BMS, or used battery , does anybody has replaced bms?

By clfberlin
PLEE wrote:
Tue May 21, 2019 6:42 am
QUESTION: Where i can buy BMS, or used battery , does anybody has replaced bms?
Sorry to hear that. Where do you live? I had problems finding a replacement battery in Germany.
So I looked in neighboring countries (eBay).

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Almost the same, Europe. Cheapest is in USA used one, its 37usd only, but with shipping to Europe its about 90 and unknown condition. localy new batt about 160 its more than half my used scooter price.

By zoot

My ES2 shows error 21. BMS light is blue (not blinking). Cells are charged. Tried BMS reset - nothing changes. Blue light, error 21...

Where can I read about this BMS status codes?

By dryber
Hello some one have ever used a AliExpress BMS to replace the original, I am interested in doing this and it will be nice to have some advice. My old BWS was showing six blinking red light, and the out put of the battery was 19v, I tried to use an AliExpress charger with no success.
I changed each cell to 3.4v and ensemble the battery but the problems continue and don't change.

By JR19
I have the suspicion that it is the battery management system (bms) board to blame, mine is blinking red. I removed my internal battery, cracked open the shell and tested the actual battery voltage. I believe I was getting 36v straight from the battery connector.

Here's the thing, when I have the external battery attached, the scooter works and it can reach 16mph. It will not charge while the external battery is attached, instead it turns the scooter on and when i turn it off it turns itself back on over and over while its plugged in via ex bat.
The only way to charge the battery (external) is to remove it and charge it on its own. Without the ex bat attached the scooter will not exceed 5 mph.

I did find the bms online but unfortunately it does not ship to my region (USA) ... e&ie=UTF-8
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