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By AbsolutoCaos
sliebowitz wrote:
Sun Jul 07, 2019 12:26 am
can you just say which colors you soldered to which? or is it a military secret? It took more time to post that picture than it would have to just say what went where. I was just hoping to save some time.
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By Kiki626
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I could be wrong but it sounds like he took the wheel itself off a bird zero and then put that wheel on his es4.

I wasn’t sure if they would fit perfectly or not but it seems they will? Would be nice to have more info though to confirm...

How do you get the wheel to come off anyways I was looking and couldn’t figure it out

By Kiki626
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someone i know tried this found that the wheel only ran in reverse. FAIR WARNING - you have to put the wheel on the other way (with the wire on the right side instead of the left) otherwise you'll get it all together and have soldered connections you have to redo
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By Kiki626
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Just wanted to update here following a successful use of a tire on a Ninebot ES4. Yes it works, but it was a little bit of a pain to get working.

someone i know ended up having to reverse the wheel (install the wire on the right instead of the left) but i'm not convinced they really had to go through all that. If you switch the wires around until it spins the right direction AND runs smoothly i think you're good to go.

someone i know had a weird problem where it would only run when the brake was pressed.. brake was go and gas was brake. It was weird. But I think swapping the wires around and turning it on and off allowed it to reset and found the winning combination.

I'd recommend not putting everything back together all the way and running it on the ground so you can swap the wires quickly, it took me about 10-15 tries to get it right.

The winning combination (for someone i know anwyay) was wheel reversed , yellow to yellow, brown to blue , blue to brown.

The wheel is WAY quieter and seems to have more torque than the ES wheel it gets up to speed faster. did notice however that it seems to consume much more energy than I was expecting. My battery doesn't last nearly as long with this wheel, has anyone else noticed the same thing?

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